Potential vote for changes to Miss. state flag could come this weekend

Vote to change Mississippi flag could come over the weekend

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - All eyes on the Mississippi legislature Friday night as we await word on whether lawmakers will take a vote on changing the state flag to remove the Confederate battle emblem that has been a part of its design for decades.

People have been stationed at the Mississippi statehouse all day watching and waiting for confirmation on a potential vote this weekend to do away with the state flag as we know it.

The Democratic leader of the House told NBC News Friday, the votes needed to change the flag “appear to be there.”

NBC News is reporting that Representative Robert Johnson III told them supporters of changing the flag worked through the night Thursday to secure those votes.

Vote to change Mississippi state flag looming

Here’s what could happen next:

Legislators in both the statehouse and Senate are expected to take a vote to suspend the rules and extend the legislative session – which would have ended Friday

It will take a two-thirds majority to pass that vote.

Afterward, only a simple majority in both chambers is required to potentially pass a bill that would remove the current flag.

All of this happening as yet another famous voice weighed in on the issue, Country Singer Faith Hill, a Mississippi native, tweeting directly to legislators that it’s time to change the state flag, calling the Confederate emblem a “direct symbol of terror.”

One Mississippi lawmaker says any change will require bipartisan support.

”This is bipartisan support if this measure is taken,” said Representative Kabir Kerrian. “It’s not every day that you can say that here at the capitol, but what we’re pleading for is a united front. That’s why we’re calling on this particular flag to be taken down and for one that will unite us, and we’re proceeding toward that.”

If the votes to suspend the rules and remove the flag pass both the state House and Senate, legislators are expected to form a commission to come up with new flag designs for voters to choose from.

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