Video of confrontation between BLM demonstrator, Germantown man goes viral

Video of confrontation between BLM demonstrator, Germantown man

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. (WMC) - Video of a confrontation between a protester and a Germantown man has been viewed on Twitter more than half a million times.

In the video, a man that identifies himself as Lloyd Crawford approaches a man that says he was holding a Black Lives Matter sign at a Germantown intersection

The video shows Crawford asking the protester, identified as Edward Nelson, where he is from. After Nelson says he’s not from Germantown, Crawford flashes a business card naming him a partner at Financial Consulting Group and tells Nelson he’d like him out of his town.

We reached out to Financial Consulting Group Sunday. Another partner at the firm shared this statement in an email:

As you are aware there are two sides to every story. The white man protestor and Lloyd had a dialogue prior to the video as Lloyd was in his car … the protestor told Lloyd to “bring it on”. Lloyd let his temper get the best of him, parked the car – and what you see the aftermath. Please note in Lloyd’s temper rage his target was the violence that was coming out the protest movement – not the BLM cause itself. He sees young whites high jacking and negatively impacting the efforts of movement – that and the protestor was bashing Trump just set him off. He has expressed his regret that he just didn’t keep on driving.

We also spoke to Nelson who says in a statement that Crawford drove by multiple times, they exchanged obscene hand gestures and profanity before Crawford approached on foot.

In his statement, Nelson says:

This is when I began recording for both my safety and for Mr. Crawford’s. I did not want there to be any confusion as to what occurred during this altercation. Once Mr. Crawford left, I did not see him again.

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