Mid-South business headlines: Art Village Gallery keeping art alive amid health crisis

Mid-South business headlines: Art Village Gallery keeping art alive amid health crisis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The coronavirus pandemic has caused businesses across the Mid-South to close -- museums and art galleries included. And they’re left wondering how they will recover.

The Art Village Gallery, one of the first galleries to help establish the South Main Arts District, has experienced a plummet in sales due to the pandemic.

Greg Akers, editor-in-chief for the Memphis Business Journal, spoke with co-owner Sheila Urévbu who says the gallery’s sales are off by about 48% but she’s trying some new resources to recover.

Akers says one of the things Urévbu is trying -- using her website more. The site has art on display and audio files available where artists talk about their work.

“Her gallery is focused on primarily women, people of color, international artists, so she’s trying to give a voice to some people who often aren’t within the art industry,” said Akers.

Urvébu can see clients by appointment only at this time.

She is also posting some of the artwork to Art Money, a site that allows people to purchase artwork with a spin .

“If the gallery is participating through this organization called Art Money, you can buy it in installments and pay it over 10 or 18 months,” said Akers. “The gallery gets the money right away so that’s good for them.”

Art Village Gallery also does a program where they lease artwork to different companies across the region, according to Akers.

“On a rotating basis, that office could have different artworks come in and hang up on those walls,” he said.

The gallery is having a sale for art prints on July 4. Visit www.artvillagegallery.com/ for more information.

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