Tunica Co. Sheriff’s Office issues fireworks warning following neighborhood vehicle fire

Tunica Co. Sheriff’s Office issues fireworks warning following neighborhood vehicle fire
Firework vehicle fire in Tunica (Source: WMC)

TUNICA, Miss. (WMC) - A warning about the dangers of fireworks coming from two parts of the Mid-South Tuesday.

And when you see the pictures you’ll understand why. Investigators say careless use of fireworks left a van burned beyond recognition.

Just days before the Fourth of July, law enforcement from Memphis to Tunica are seeing the damage fireworks can do. In Tunica, a family’s van was destroyed after being hit with fireworks endangering the neighborhood homes as well.

“It’s very dangerous. It could have been anybody’s house go up,” said resident Felicia Spears.

It happened around 5 o'clock Sunday night.

The family did not want to say anything about it.

Walter Howard couldn’t believe the extent of the damage to the van.

“I’m very shocked,” said resident Walter Howard. “I didn’t know a firework could do all of that. That’s the reason I don’t deal with fireworks.”

The Tunica Sheriff’s office is investigating the fire.

Fireworks are legal in Mississippi for individuals to shoot off during certain parts of the year like the Fourth of July. A fireworks stand in Mississippi is right on the Tennessee, Mississippi border where people from Shelby County can purchase them. But fireworks are illegal for individuals to shoot off in Shelby County without a permit.

“I heard a whole lot of kids in front of my house shooting off fireworks,” said Memphis resident Lucinda Perez.

Perez says it happened Tuesday night. You can see bottle rockets and Roman candles all over the road. She says one of the fireworks hit her truck window which is right next to her more than 100-year-old house where she lives with her grandchildren. She contacted the police.

“It’s scary because these houses are old,” said Perez. “Any kind of spark can set anything off.”

The Tunica County Sheriff’s Office put the burned-out van on its website to warn people about the dangers of fireworks. With the fourth coming up this weekend that warning is even more important.

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