McNairy County residents dealing with aftermath of flash flooding

McNairy County residents dealing with aftermath of flash flooding

MCNAIRY COUNTY, Tenn. (WMC) - Damage left behind by flood water in parts of McNairy County was only made worse as another band of storms came through Wednesday afternoon.

The flooding prompted evacuations and an emergency declaration from the county mayor.

McNairy County residents say they have never seen flooding like this.

“I’m an old man. We’ve never had anything like this I mean this is just unbelievable,” said Robert Lee, Selmer resident.

Robert Lee said the rain started and didn’t stop.

“It just rained all night got and never let up. Usually it slacks up and it just kept coming down harder and harder,” said Lee.

McNairy under state of emergency after major flooding

Flooding is all over, with roads closed and bridges. You can see the water rushing under and over this bridge over Cypress Creek on a main thoroughfare in Selmer. TDOT took a look and found no structural damage but the asphalt came up and it will have to be repaired.

“Very shocked because I never would have thought that stuff would happen here,” said Doug Williams, who works near flooding.

Doug Williams says flooding got so bad earlier in the day that metal storage units floated across the road into the woods.

Christy Cook says a lot of her family’s expensive equipment is ruined. She hasn’t gotten up the nerve to look in the still flooded shed. She does not have insurance.

“If I had known this was going to happen before it happened, insurance time,” said Christ Cook, flood victim.

At least 20 people had to be rescued and 50 businesses flooded.

State of emergency in McNairy County after major flooding in Selmer area

Selmer Fire Chief Anthony Carr said while he was helping with rescues and securing businesses he got a call.

“Nine-one-one called and said we have water in the building,” said Anthony Carr, Selmer Fire Chief.

Employees had to leave. Carr says a broken levee contributed to all of the flooding

“We feel like if the levee hadn’t broke off Fourth Street, it might not have been bad, but we think that’s what contributed to it,” said Carr.

Officials say the 911 location will not reopen for about two weeks. Operators are at another location.

Residents hope the flood waters will recede so they can clean everything up.

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