TDH reports 1,575 new coronavirus cases in Tennessee; More than half of the state’s total cases have recovered

Memphis/Shelby County COVID-19 Task Force meeting -- July 2

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. (WMC) - Health officials in Tennessee are reporting more than 1,500 new coronavirus cases and 11 additional deaths overnight.

According to the Tennessee Department of Health, 46,890 total cases and 620 deaths have been identified as of Thursday.

Of the total cases, 46,520 have been confirmed and 370 are probable.

Nearly 29,000 Tennesseans have recovered from the virus, while 2,775 remain hospitalized.

Health officials have confirmed more than 394 new coronavirus cases in Shelby County.

In total, 10,765 COVID-19 cases and 195 deaths have been reported. Of the positive COVID-19 cases, 65.7 percent have recovered from the virus.

Recovered COVID-19 cases in Shelby County, July 2
Recovered COVID-19 cases in Shelby County, July 2 (Source: SCHD)

More than 131,000 people have been tested for the virus across Shelby County.

During Tuesday’s COVID-19 Joint Task Force meeting, Dr. Bruce Randolph with the Shelby County Health Department said his top concern was the increase in weekly positivity rates.

Last week, it was 10.3 percent. The week Shelby County entered phase two it was two times less.

Shelby County COVID-19 testing positivity rate, July 2
Shelby County COVID-19 testing positivity rate, July 2 (Source: SCHD)

The Shelby County Health Department has also released a map showing zip codes with the highest COVID-19 case rates per 100,000 population. At this time, the 38118 zip code has the highest amount in the county.

Zip codes with the highest COVID-19 case count per 100,000
Zip codes with the highest COVID-19 case count per 100,000 (Source: SCHD)

More data from the health department shows the age range with most COVID-19 cases in Shelby County is 25 to 34. Data also shows that 56 percent of the positive COVID-19 cases are African-American, 17 percent are white, and 25.9 percent are another race.

Dr. Jono Mermin with the CDC attended Thursday’s COVID-19 Task Force meeting. He stated, “We are seeing increases of COVID-19 cases and deaths in communities of color disproportionately bearing the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic in the City Of Memphis.”

The push for COVID-19 testing has significantly impacted assisted care facilities serving a vulnerable population.

The health department is investigating multiple COVID-19 outbreaks/clusters at several assisted care facilities in Memphis and Shelby County.

Long-term care facilities with coronavirus outbreaks/clusters in Shelby County
Long-term care facilities with coronavirus outbreaks/clusters in Shelby County (Source: SCHD)

There are several other facilities that were previously under investigation with clusters that have reportedly been resolved. SCHD says clusters are considered resolved when a facility goes 28 consecutive days without a new case.

Tuesday, Shelby County mayor Lee Harris signed an executive order putting more measures in place at the Shelby County Department of Corrections to protect inmates and employees from the virus.

The Shelby County Department of Corrections is reporting 21 inmates and 38 employees that have tested positive for COVID-19. Zero deaths have been reported. At this time, 932 tests have been administered.

At the Shelby County Jail, also known as 201 Poplar, 162 detainees and 86 employees have tested positive for coronavirus. One death has also been reported. Seventy-seven detainees are currently in quarantine.

An inspection report described some of the practices and COVID-19 plan within the Shelby County Jail to be inadequate and harmful.

A federal judge ordered that an independent inspection be done at the jail following a lawsuit that was filed last month.

Inspector finds "inadequate" protections at Shelby Co. Jail

Here are case totals for other counties in the Mid-South:

Arkansas -- 21,197 total cases and 277 deaths

  • Crittenden -- 749 cases; 13 deaths; 573 recoveries
  • Cross -- 86 cases; 1 death; 78 recoveries
  • Lee -- 746 cases; 2 death; 576 recoveries
  • Mississippi -- 180 cases; 3 deaths; 115 recoveries
  • Phillips -- 143 cases; 3 deaths; 81 recoveries
  • Poinsett -- 59 cases; 3 deaths; 51 recoveries
  • St. Francis -- 814 cases; 3 deaths; 788 recoveries

Mississippi -- 28,770 total cases and 1,092 deaths (state not releasing recovery data at this time)

  • Alcorn -- 60 cases; 1 death
  • Benton -- 27 cases
  • Coahoma -- 190 cases; 6 deaths
  • DeSoto -- 1,442 cases; 16 deaths
  • Lafayette -- 368 cases; 4 deaths
  • Marshall -- 212 cases; 3 deaths
  • Panola -- 295 cases; 6 deaths
  • Quitman -- 69 cases
  • Tate -- 264 cases; 8 deaths
  • Tippah -- 127 cases; 11 deaths
  • Tunica -- 90 cases; 3 deaths

Tennessee -- 46,890 total cases and 620 deaths

  • Crockett -- 32 cases; 3 deaths; 18 recoveries
  • Dyer -- 232 cases; 1 death; 104 recoveries
  • Fayette -- 301 cases; 2 deaths; 184 recoveries
  • Hardeman -- 314 cases; 3 deaths; 231 recoveries
  • Haywood -- 81 cases; 2 deaths; 32 recoveries
  • Lauderdale -- 136 cases; 2 deaths; 66 recoveries
  • McNairy -- 64 cases; 31 recoveries
  • Tipton -- 620 cases; 5 deaths; 488 recoveries

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