Mid-South family’s home set on fire by illegal fireworks

Mid-South family’s home set on fire by illegal fireworks

COVINGTON, Tenn. (WMC) - Police say a fire that damaged a Mid-South family’s home was sparked by illegal fireworks.

It’s just the latest damage that’s been happening across the region and country.

“The fire went into the front of the house with the vinyl siding on it just started rolling out,” said Patrick Thornberg, neighbor.

Patrick Thornberg lives across from a house in Covington that went up in flames.

Thornberg and his wife were asleep but woke up when they heard the blast from the firework that was ignited.

“We were able to hear it very prominently and I wear a hearing aid so it woke me up real good,” he said.

Neighbors say a single mother and her children live there but were not home when the fire started.

Investigators say the two suspects are 13 and 15 years old.

It is illegal to set off fireworks in Covington before July 4.

“If they’re going to sell them, kids are going to play with them. They are exciting.”

There is a fireworks tent just a couple of miles from the house, and it is legal to sell the fireworks.

There is a reason the first word in fireworks is fire.

Earlier this week people shooting off fireworks in Tunica caught one family’s van on fire, burning out the entire inside of the vehicle. The Tunica County Sheriff’s office is investigating.

A man shooting off fireworks in his driveway in New York City burned his house down. Video shows people setting off fireworks in the driveway apparently not noticing a Roman candle going through an open window as they continued to ignite fireworks for five minutes.

And in Northwest Turkey this fireworks factory blew up killing several people and injuring 100.

Everyone in Covington I talked with including the police Chief say parents should be more responsible.

“Kids should be taught better and responsibly. They’re not being taught by there parents is all it is,” said Dennis Craig, neighbor.

The Covington police chief says he is doubling the number of officers on the streets. And if teens under 16 are caught shooting off fireworks their parents will get a visit.

“That could have been a loss of life over a child playing.”

The Covington police chief told me the case will be presented to prosecutors and a determination will be made on whether to prosecute the teenagers who the chief says are not in custody.

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