State leaders create new policies to improve information sharing, training requirements for law enforcement

State leaders create new policies to improve info sharing, training requirements for law enforcement

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced Thursday a partnership with multiple law enforcement agencies across the state.

“We’re announcing a review of the use of force and duty to intervene policies, improved information sharing across all law enforcement agencies, and in increase in officer training requirements,” Lee said.

Lee is partnering with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, Homeland Security and Highway Patrol just to name a few.

Gov. Bill Lee discusses police reform -- July 2

Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings joined the governor at the press conference on behalf of the Tennessee Association of Police Chiefs.

“There is nothing more important in law enforcement than integrity and trust. We value these principles, and believe positive reforms improve our agencies, public safety and for the communities we serve and protect to build those relationships,” said Rallings.

Locally, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland recently announced plans to help with police reform.

One of those plans includes working with the Memphis Police Association to strengthen the language in the Memorandum of Understanding to better hold officers accountable

Lee says he hopes this is the beginning of seeing positive changes in the state of Tennessee

“There is a vast difference between meaningful reform and meaningless attempts to defund the police or any other unrealistic approach that misses the mark of both advancing justice and strengthening interactions with the communities they serve,” said Lee.

Lee also said he wants to add an additional 88 hours to the training academy curriculum to boost the minimum requirement of 488 hours that currently exists.

“Tragic, preventable events across this country have caused all of us to confront the difference between law enforcement and police brutality,” said Lee.

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