Mid-South business headlines: How latest restrictions in Shelby Co. affect businesses, hospitals

Mid-South business headlines: How latest restrictions in Shelby Co. affect businesses, hospitals

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - There are new restrictions coming to bars and reduced hours for restaurants similar to what things looked like in phase one of the Back to Business plan.

Shelby County’s new COVID-19 regulations close bars at midnight Wednesday for the foreseeable future. Restaurants that have bars, however, will be allowed to remain open but all restaurants with bars or not, most close by 10 p.m. starting Wednesday, July 8.

Tighter restrictions now in place for restaurants, bars in Shelby. Co

“It’s kind of a gut-check moment for restaurants and bars and for all the businesses. This is really a significant step backward into more regulation after a long time when we were opening up cautiously or optimistic that we would be able to continue to open,” said Grek Akers, editor-in-chief of the Memphis Business Journal.

Akers says if the county can’t get the spread of the virus under control, there’s a possibility the county could go back to operating similarly to how it was before the creation of the Back to Business plan.

The COVID-19 surge has had a profound impact on hospitals in the Mid-South. At some point, if this trend of COVID-19 hospitalizations keeps rising, the question becomes where are hospitals going to find staff top care for these patients.

“In better days back in 2019 we all knew there was staffing shortage for nurses nationwide,” said Akers. “That was before the coronavirus hit and one of the most surprising moments for me was when we found out that hospitals were really struggling economically after the coronavirus had already started.”

Akers says a lot of hospital revenue comes from elective surgeries but the current health crisis could bring hospitals to ease on those surgeries and reserve their space and staff for COVID-19 patients, presenting a financial struggle.

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