Mid-South middle schooler makes masks for the homeless

Mid-South middle schooler makes masks for the homeless

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A young Mid-South girl is stepping up to help people in need during her summer vacation.

Making masks at home has become a valuable skill, and it is one that 11-year-old Autumn Skipper has mastered this summer.

"I learned how to do it based off a YouTube video," she explained.

Skipper uses a sewing machine to create her masks, all with colorful patterns.

“I just use regular cotton fabric,” she said.

Skipper's decided to sell some too. But a couple of months ago the middle school student turned her focus to people who may not be able to buy one.

“Other people may need masks and can’t just get them straight away. My mom reached out to some different homeless shelters, and then we finally found one -- the Memphis Union Mission.”

Skipper started giving out masks to homeless people, to help them protect themselves during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The homeless shelter's reaction?

“They were actually surprised by that. It felt good to do something for other people,” she said.

With over a month until school starts, Skipper has some advice to other kids her age who may have some free time on their hands.

She said, “Try to find something good that you can do to help others.”

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