Residents upset over animal feces, unkempt walking trails at Raleigh Springs Town Center

Residents upset over animal feces, unkempt walking trails at Raleigh Springs Town Center

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A messy situation has some residents concerned about the brand new Raleigh Springs Town Center.

Dustin White and his son frequent the skate park at the recently opened development at least twice a week.

“It’s a great thing, you know, in Shelby County to be able to get out, let the kids enjoy themselves,” said White.

The $42 million redevelopment project of the old Raleigh Springs Mall includes the skate park, the new Old Allen Police Precinct, a soon-to-be completed library and an 11 acre lake surrounded by walking trails for the public to enjoy.

However, residents say there’s a problem with the walking trail. There are bird droppings scattered along the trail.

There are plenty of geese and ducks on the property.

“I’ve had a lot of complaints about that. So I did speak to administration about that and they are on top of that,” said Memphis City Councilwoman Rhonda Logan.

Logan represents the Raleigh community. She calls the extensive bird droppings and uncut grass unacceptable.

“That’s one of my priorities that the property stays nice and clean and safe for the community,” said Logan.

Logan says the lack of clean-up is the result of a delay of the construction company relinquishing control of the site to the city for proper management.

Logan says clean-up at the park should now occur every 14 days by the city’s general services department.

We noticed the grass was cut by Thursday afternoon, however, the bird droppings were still there.

“I believe they need to try to do their part in maintaining the park and the recreation for the children and the people who want to get out to walk... they need to clean it up,” said White.

Logan says the clean-up effort will be expedited by the city.

The new library should be completed by this fall. City leaders say delays in building supplies are due to COVID-19.

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