Memphis group announces new crime tip line

Memphis group announces new crime tip line

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Police say 18 children have died from violence this year in Memphis and many cases remain unsolved.

A group of community leaders is hoping a new resource, an anonymous crime tip line, will provide the families of those young victims with answers they need to get justice.

“We as a community have to get angry about our children dying,” said Stevie Moore, the founder of Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives (F.F.U.N.). “But we’ve got to stop being so silent about these killings in our city.”

Moore and a group of community leaders gathered at F.F.U.N.'s headquarters on S. Third on Saturday morning to announce the creation of a new crime tip line.

Callers can call the crime tip line at 901-417-7361 and provide anonymous information about crimes.

"We want them to feel comfortable and confident that there will not be retribution behind giving information," said Rosiland Moore, Stevie Moore's wife and one of the leaders of F.F.U.N.

Rosiland Moore said people called a previous tip line F.F.U.N. set up.

"When we had the tip line before, It was amazing the number of people that were comfortable in calling," said Rosiland Moore.

They're also calling on protesters who've been in the streets marching against police brutality to join their movement to help save the youngest black lives.

“(You) saying black lives matter, then come march with us too. Don’t just march about that issue,” said Stevie Moore. “I understand the Black Lives Matter movement. But I want to do two movements. Let’s keep doing the Black Lives Matter movement, but let’s do the Save Lives movement to save black lives.”

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