Breakdown: Why our bodies sweat in the heat and humidity

Breakdown: Why our bodies sweat in the heat and humidity
The thought of walking to your car in midday heat may be enough to make you sweat in South Carolina. | Source: WMBF News

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - You go outside and bam! Instantly start sweating… but why does this body process even take place? In this episode of The Breakdown, we explain why our bodies sweat in the heat and humidity.

The human body likes to stay right near 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. When we go outside in the heat and humidity our body temperature will thus begin to rise. As this happens ours bodies natural reaction is to release sweat from the skin.

That sweat is important, as the water from the sweat will then evaporate from our bodies into the atmosphere, as that takes place it will draw heat away and out of the body. The process is known as evaporative cooling.

The downfall of very muggy days is that the sweat will fail to evaporate from the skin. That will keep the body temperature warmer and keep us feeling sticky and icky outside during the hot summer days.

That is why meteorologist urge everyone to stay extra safe during the summer days, as our bodies can tell us how we are feeling. If you feel sick, heat exhaustion or stroke could be coming on and getting to a cool place is urged.

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