Dr. Dobbs plays ‘mythbusters’ at coronavirus briefing, sets record straight on testing procedures

Dr. Dobbs plays ‘mythbusters’ at coronavirus briefing, sets record straight on testing procedures
(Source: AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves discussed the latest on COVID-19 in the state Monday as case numbers continue to rise.

Gov. Reeves started the press conference saying that Mississippi is indeed in the middle of a spike in virus cases, which is why 13 Mississippi counties have additional mandates in place to help slow the spread.

“I’m asking every Mississippian to please join us in attempting to help us slow the spread of the virus,” Reeves pleaded.

Reeves said he hopes Mississippians have seen him as an “honest broker” who has avoided hyperbole. “I’ve never said anything in an attempt to scare people, only to plainly state what we are seeing.”

The governor said right now is the worst it has been in terms of COVID-19 spread in Mississippi and is the most stressed out hospitals have been also.

Reeves said at the beginning of the pandemic, many more in the state took it seriously. He now says many have resigned themselves from the task or believe that the pandemic is not real.

“I’m telling you it is real,” Reeves said. “It is very real.”

Reeves is encouraging all Mississippians to wear a mask, although many do not want to do so. He said there was a concerted push at the beginning of the pandemic to discourage mask use. He said he too was skeptical of wearing masks, but is now convinced it is the best weapon in protecting oneself from the virus.

“It’s not fun, but it’s a hell of a lot better than widespread economic shutdowns,” Reeves said.

As Dr. Dobbs spoke about the virus, he attempted to play ‘mythbusters’ to dispel any false information taking root on social media.

“Every time we test someone, it doesn’t matter - one person is one case,” he explained. “People ask me over and over again if we test someone three times does that count as three cases. Absolutely not... There is not case inflation for number of case by individual. We need to set that rumor to rest.”

He then discussed anti-bodies: “Are we driving up our case count with antibodies?”

“Absolutely not,” Dobbs said again. He said of the total number of positive tests in the state, only 285 are from antibody tests.

“That’s not driving up the numbers,” Dobbs said. “It’s coronavirus that’s driving up the numbers itself.”

After that, Dobbs discussed hospitalizations in the state, saying that 4 hospitals in the Jackson-area have no ICU beds available and 8 in the state have no ICU beds available. He said some hospital have added ICU bedding from their surge capacity.

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