Non-profit stepping up to provide tiny homes for transgender community

Non-profit stepping up to provide tiny homes for transgender community

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A local non-profit that helps serve the transgender community is stepping up to provide permanent housing for those who have no place to stay.

“During COVID a lot of our members who had already been through our programs were experiencing homelessness,” said Kayla Gore.

Gore is the co-founder of My Sistah’s House, a non-profit in Memphis that’s helped provide emergency housing for transgender people for over 3 years.

The pandemic has left transgender people, especially trans women, without places to stay.

“Simply because they were COVID-19 positive, and they were not able to stay where they were normally able to stay,” said Gore. “This is something new for a lot of people, and it’s scary. So people did not want them to stay in the houses that they were already staying in. And it’s like an influx because of the population of us who are homeless.”

Gore and her team were able to help people find temporary housing, but they wanted to help provide something more permanent.

“What about homeownership? That makes people safe and secure,” she said.

So they came up with the idea to buy land and build tiny homes in Memphis.

“We’ve met with our architectural design firm that’s going to be helping us,” said Gore.

My Sistah’s House is still in the process of purchasing the land and they have hopes to complete the first few tiny homes by the end of December.

In just two weeks the non-profit has raised more than $260,000 through GoFundMe.

“We never expected to be where it is today,” said Gore. “So we’re a little overwhelmed but we’re excited to be able to start this project.”

A project that will not only help during this pandemic, but also during a time where transgender people are victims of violence at an alarming rate.

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