Quiet in the tropics for now

Quiet in the tropics for now
2020 Hurricane Names (Source: WMC First Alert Weather)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - There have been 6 named storms so far this season and we haven’t even reached the peak of the season. The season officially began on June 1 but we had two preseason storms, Arthur and Bertha, on May 16 and 27. This season is also the sixth season in a row with pre-season storms, this hasn’t happened since 2012.

2020 Hurricane Names
2020 Hurricane Names (Source: WMC First Alert Weather)

Thankfully, none of the six have reached hurricane strength which is winds of 74 mph.

Three of the six named tropical storms have made landfall on the US. which were Bertha, Cristobal, and Fay. Arthur didn’t make landfall, but it skirted close enough to the east coast that some of the outer bands brought rain to parts of the east coast.

This season continues to break records. Cristobal formed earlier than any other third named storm on record followed by TS Fay which became the earliest 6th named storm on record.

As we continue into the season, it is expected to remain active.

NOAA Hurricane Peak
NOAA Hurricane Peak (Source: NOAA)

The peak of the season is in mid September.

NOAA Hurricane Likelihhood
NOAA Hurricane Likelihhood (Source: NOAA)

Typically, the first hurricane usually forms in the Atlantic around Aug. 10. Early September is when, we normally see the first major hurricane (category 3 or higher). We also tend to see more activity in the Gulf of Mexico in August and September. So stay with the First Alert Weather Team for Tropical updates.

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