Campground owners are seeing more people due to COVID-19

Camping during the pandemic

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - Grab your graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows because the camping industry is booming during the pandemic. One Heartland campground owner said people want to get away.

Away from the city and out in nature, that’s where some families are headed during this pandemic.

“Right now, there’s people down here from Texas and Florida and Arizona,” said Janet Hopkins, owner of Little Ole Opry Campground.

Hopkins said people are tired of staying in.

“Some just want to camp. They want to get out and they don’t feel safe, you know, going to parks and places where there’s a lot of people. So they come here and not feel like they are going to be exposed to the virus,” she said.

Campground Host Sandy Suhre said camping allows for much needed family time.

“They come out here most times in family groups so that they know that they can still visit with their family, which is so desired right now because you do lose that contact,” she said.

Suhre said the hot weather and the pandemic aren’t stopping campers.

“We get a lot more people coming out than we did before. Even in the hot weather like it is now we still get people hot here to go camping,” she said.

And after 32 years, this year tops the list.

“I think it’s been on of the busiest, I really do,” said Hopkins.

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