Faith leaders call for removal of Confederate statue in Oxford, Miss.

Faith leaders call for statue's removal in Oxford, Miss.

OXFORD, Miss. (WMC) - In Oxford Mondight nights, an emotional call to remove the confederate statue that stands in front of the Court House in the Square came to the forefront.

Earlier in the day, local faith leaders and residents gathered to send a strong message.

Leaders are calling for the removal of a Confederate statue. The group feels like their voices have been unheard and want county leaders to know they don’t approve of keeping the statue in its current location.

Faith leaders ask for confederate statue to be taken down in Oxford, Miss.

“Any statue that honors the long dehumanizing era has no place in our public square,” said Reverend, Doctor Gail Stratton.

Monday morning, faith leaders from 18 churches gathered outside of the Lafayette County Chancery building asking for the removal of the confederate statue that stands in the center of town.

“Board of supervisors my plea today is to rethink your decision, think about the concerned citizens of Lafayette county,” said Reverent Ronnie Driver, an Oxford resident.

Two weeks ago the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to keep the statue in the same place it's stood since 1907.

The group of faith leaders and county residents say they are disappointed by the vote.

“I wanted them to know, no it’s not outsiders it’s everyone who I know who lives here who wants this relic removed,” said resident Paige Osborn.

“I’ve lived here for over 10 years so they should also listen to everyday citizens that are out there demanding change,” said resident Jonathan Adams.

Even after the gathering, opponents of the statue continued to spread their message.

“Anybody that is a racist, go home. Anybody who is a racist you’re not welcome in Oxford,” said a protester.

But not everyone wants the statue moved.

“People that are advocating the removal of this statue are completely ignorant of its reason of why it’s here,” said K-Reck Johnson, an opponent of the statue removal.

The group of faith leaders say the community should have a say in the relocation of the statue and want the board of supervisors to form a committee to further discuss this. We reached out to all five supervisors asking if they would consider this, but did not hear back.

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