SCS gives preview of virtual classroom for upcoming school year

SCS gives preview of virtual classroom for upcoming school year

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Friday night is the deadline for Shelby County Schools’ families to enroll students in online classes or in-person instruction to start the school year. SCS has been holding training sessions on the virtual platform all week.

On Friday, the district gave more people a look at what the virtual classroom will look like. The lesson on display was an eighth grade math lesson about exponents.

“This is the first lesson our eighth grade students will engage in when they come back to us in the fall,” Stephanie Dennis, a math advisor leading the virtual classroom, said.

The class, which took place on Microsoft Teams, showed how students could take notes, work on assignments by themselves and in groups and ask questions.

“We wanted to simulate, and we know it’s not ideal, but we wanted to simulate what it could potentially look like if a teacher was forced to do both in-person and virtual,” SCS Chief Academic Officer Dr. Antonio Burt said.

The scenario played out for Board of Education members where some feedback was given. Some included starting the homework hotline earlier in the year. Others were concerned about connectivity issues.

School leaders explained all lessons will be recorded in the case students need to go back for reference.

“We are doing virtual for everyone,” Terrica Malone, parent of four SCS students, said.

Schools are continuing to register students. Friday Belle Forest Community School held drive thru registration. SCS gave parents an extra six days to determine if their children will go back to in person classes or start school online.

Malone took that time to talk to her husband and four SCS children.

“We made our final decision probably Monday of this week,” Malone said.

You have until 11:59 p.m. Friday to make that decision or else it will default to in person classes. To choose, click here.

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