Breakdown: Comets & Meteor showers. Why you should look up

Comets and meteors, why you should look up

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) -The Delta Aquariid meteor shower, shows through early August and will peak this week. This shower does favor the Southern Hemisphere according to astronomers but they also say it can be seen from any location.

These meteors tend to be faint and has an hourly rate of up to 15 to 20 meteors. The peak is typically around July 27-30, but, according to astronomers there is not a definite peak. It is best seen in the pre-dawn hours.

The Alpha Capricornids are active through August 10 with the peak on July 30. This isn’t the strongest meteor shower and usually only produce about five or so meteors per hour. However, according to astronomers, they can produce bright fireballs. It is best viewed in either hemisphere, in the pre-dawn hours.

Don’t forget that if you haven’t seen the comet Neowise, it isn’t too late. It was discovered March 27 of this year and will be visible through the end of the month and possibly into early August. Astronomers say once it disappears it appear again until 8786! It is best seen 2 hours after sunset. Look toward the north to northwest or look for the Big Dipper constellation. According to NASA, the comet can be found just below the Big Dipper and it may appear to look like a star with a fuzzy tail. It is visible to the naked eye but astronomers suggest grabbing a pair of binoculars.

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