Deadline approaching for Germantown and Millington parents to choose virtual learning

Deadline approaching for Germantown and Millington parents to choose virtual learning
Parents can chose the Virtual Academy, or in-person learning for students that would take place two days a week, and remote learning for three days. (Source: WBTV File)

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. (WMC) - On Wednesday, the school districts in Millington and Germantown will find out just how many of their students have opted for the virtual learning option.

This week, Millington schools said about 35 percent of its 2,500 person student body had enrolled in the remote option.

Germantown schools reported one day before the deadline about 21 percent of its 6,100 students had already signed up.

It’s a big shift from an original survey of Germantown parents which showed nearly 100% wanting to send their kids back to in-person classes.

Thousands chose virtual learning option

Both Millington and Germantown are also offering a hybrid schedule depending on what grade your child is in.

Another municipal school district offering a hybrid model is receiving some push back from parents. Tuesday night, nearly 200 parents attended Collierville’s school board meeting.

Under the plan, students will attend classes in person two days a week, and learn at home three days a week.

Parents expressed concern about how full-time working parents could care for their children during virtual learning.

However, one teacher we spoke with said she supports the schedule. “Literally hundreds of kids trying to get from one end to another. It is going to be a haven for that virus. It’s already a heaven for the influenza virus.”

Collierville parents can also choose the 100 percent virtual option, but parents were disappointed about the limited courses being offered online.

Tuesday night, the superintendent announced more STEM and art classes would be offered online for middle school students.

However, most of these courses will not be taught by Collierville teachers. The district said they will have to use a third party to hire additional instructors.

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