DeSoto County Schools issues rules for virtual learning

DeSoto County Schools issues rules for virtual learning

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. (WMC) - Desoto County Schools is less than two weeks away from welcoming students back to the classroom both in-person and virtually.

For students enrolled in the district's virtual Instruction program, parents have been given rules they are required to follow.

Students will need to have access to a reliable internet connection and a device with a large enough screen to complete assignments.

Parents who need a device can rent one from the district for $25 per year, unless the student qualifies for free or reduced lunch.

If that is the case the fee may be waived if requested.

Another requirement instructs parents not to record or re-post any virtual lessons, which the district says could be punishable by law.

Attendance for students enrolled in school virtually is marked daily and they will follow the same grading policy as students attending class in person.

The rules also state that Mississippi's assessment tests must be completed in person at the student's school building.

The district warns that some programs, such as English Learners, Special Education and 504, may not be appropriate or feasible in a virtual learning setting.

As for extracurricular activities or Career Tech, virtual students will not be allowed to participate.

Enrollment in the virtual program will be automatically renewed every 9 weeks, that is when parents can request to opt out and have their children return to a traditional school setting.

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