Mississippi reporting second-highest COVID-19 positivity rate

Mississippi becoming hot spot for COVID-19

Mississippi, U.S. (WMC) - The latest numbers from Mississippi show a total of 61,125 cases, 572 new cases, and the death total now reaching 1,711.

A Harvard health expert predicts Mississippi will become number one in the nation for new COVID-19 cases per capita.

This comes as areas around the state reach capacity in ICU beds hospitalizations and morgues.

According to recent data, Mississippi has a positivity rate of more than 21.1% statewide. Click here to see the data.

Director of the Harvard Global Health Institute Ashish Jha says the state is doing very badly and predicts it will become number one in the nation for COVID-19 based on numbers per capita.

In response to an increase in cases the Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi took to national television and claimed the state’s reopening was not based on data.

“I always felt that that was a bad decision for us to begin to open our economy,” said Chokwe Lumumba.

Lumumba says the situation is “dire” in his city.

“We’re seeing the numbers skyrocket. There is no room in morgues. The ICU beds and the hospitalizations rates are at their capacity,” said Lumumba.

In an article by The Daily Beast, the coroner of Panola County reinforced concerns over morgue capacity saying, “My morgue was completely full all last week.”

Lumumba said he is working with county supervisors, and coroners to find more room for bodies. He also believes death counts around the state are being under-reported.

“To be completely honest with you I don’t believe that I’m getting the complete picture in any regard, we’ve been struggling to try to get a data-sharing agreement with the state that has been held up through a legal process,” he said.

We reached out to Governor Tate Reeves about this issue, he has yet to comment.

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