Mississippi seeing some improvement five months since the state’s first COVID-19 case

Mississippi seeing some improvement five months since the state’s first COVID-19 case
5 months since first confirmed coronavirus case in Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) -August 11 marks five months since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Mississippi. And for the first time in weeks, state officials are offering a more encouraging message.

We asked folks how they’d describe the last five months of COVID-19 in Mississippi.

“One day to the next , you feel different emotions..sad, angry, scared, confused,” said Laura Gill.

“I thought it wasn’t going to be that bad,” explained Neely Robertson. “I just heard of a virus in other countries.. But I’m kind of tired of it now, wearing my mask everyday. But I know we have to do it to protect people but I think it’s going to get better soon.”

“Kind of scary,” admitted Emily Cook. “You don’t really understand what’s going on. But I mean, after awhile you just have to deal with it as it comes.”

Governor Tate Reeves Tuesday asked people to understand that there is good news.

“Two weeks ago, we saw 1,342 new cases,” said Reeeves. “Today, we had less than half of that. That’s good. It shows we are beginning to turn the corner.”

But it’s not time to let our guard down, rather we should double down on our efforts according to Dr. Thomas Dobbs.

“We need to have the long view,” noted Dobbs. “This isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In the summertime,people were ready to throw off the restrictions and go back to normal or even more than normal in some cases. And we paid the price for it.”

As for lessons learned?

“Expect the unexpected every single day,” described Reeves. “No matter what you plan for, no matter how many hours you spend looking at the data today, it’s completely different tomorrow.”

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