No school uniforms for SCS students but parents will need to prepare in other ways for virtual learning

No uniforms for SCS students but parents will need to prepare in other ways for virtual learning

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Soon 95,000 laptops and tablets will be in the hands of Shelby County Schools students. It’s part of the massive plan to start remote instruction later this month.

However, when students log on they will not have to be in school uniform.

The announcement was made Wednesday evening.

But just because there will be no uniforms and students will be learning from home, the district’s superintendent says students should still prepare like any other school year.

“So this is still school. I want parents to prepare like it’s school. This is not play time. This is another vehicle to educate our students,” said Dr. Joris Ray.

Ray is in the middle of moving his school district to a 1:1 digital device district.

While distribution of the digital devices have already begun, Ray says the district still has not received all of the devices yet.

Parents should receive notice from their school’s principal when they arrive.

Parents still had a lot of questions for Ray about what virtual school will look like on day one.

“Parents should expect a high-quality education delivered from a teacher, direct instruction from a teacher. It’s not a simulation,” said Ray.

Ray says there will be scheduled breaks throughout the day and parents will likely need to add headphones to their back-to-school shopping list.

“But there is a certain type of headphone. I know there’s communication that’s going out some time next week to tell you what kind of headphones where you can hear and whether people on the other end can hear you,” said Ray.

He says his team is working to find resources to provide those headphones to students.

It’s a whole new world that he says will take everybody working together to make work.

“Show a little grace to our teachers who are learning a new digital platform. Show a little grace to our students who are trying to adjust to this new normal. So we all need to show a little grace,” said Ray.

There is also another new change for the school year.

SCS leaders say in order to provide schedule consistency during virtual learning, all students and teachers will start at 8 a.m. and end at 3 p.m.

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