DeSoto County School District prepared to welcome students back for first day of school

DeSoto County School District prepared to welcome students back for first day of school

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. (WMC) - The largest school district in Mississippi starts the new school year Monday.

“Well we’re excited about the upcoming school year. I’ve been out visiting several schools over the last two weeks,” said Cory Uselton, Superintendent, DeSoto County Schools.

Thirty-five percent of families chose online learning, but the majority of students went the traditional route.

Uselton says a lot of planning went into the first day for students going back to the classroom.

He says schedules will be different for all schools with social distancing a top priority.

“The students will be in one area more. They’ll be seated more in their classrooms instead of moving around, and then when they go to the cafeteria social distancing will be done there. Some schools may have lunches in the cafeteria while some schools may have some students eat in the classroom,” said Uselton.

In regards to class sizes, Uselton says it will vary and some classrooms have plexiglass installed.

“Our elementary school numbers, we believe the maximum number that we’re going to have in person is going to be 23 students per class, and that’s in-person,” said Uselton.

As for transportation, Uselton says they’ve asked parents to help.

“With our buses, we are encouraging our parents if at all possible if they have private transportation that they could use to go to school that would help us,” said Uselton.

Uselton says 35% of students are attending virtually and DCS has managed to hand out devices to everyone who signed up by the July 22nd deadline.

“The only parents that will be on the waiting list now are those who signed up in the last two days,” said Uselton.

The district will be following Governor Reeves’ mask mandate, which requires students to wear a face mask while in school.

Parents will also be notified by email if someone in their students classroom tests positive for COVID-19.

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