Low-income voters could swing November election, report finds

Low-income voters could swing November election, report finds

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Low-income voters could have a big impact on the November election, if they cast a ballot according to the Poor People’s Campaign.

”In the 2016 presidential election, there were almost 100-million people who did not vote. Tens of millions of those were low-income. If you put that with the tens of million of non-voters together with the 34 million of poor and low-income voters, that is a powerful enough block to shift the political landscape,” said Reverend Doctor Liz Theoharis, Co-chair Poor People’s Campaign.

The group fights poverty and released a study comparing the voting rates of people by income. If the poor voted at the same rate as the wealthy, they could surpass the average victory margin from the midterms in 13 states with senate races, including Mississippi. Because of their potential voting power, they want candidates to speak to their issues.

“Raise minimum wage to a living wage, immediately that improves your economy. When you give everyone the right to healthcare, that makes your whole society healthier,” said Theoharis. “It takes a fraction of the money that this nation has put in bailing out the banks, bailing out the richest corporations and the richest in our society just in this pandemic alone.”

So what’s the reasons low-income voters have not been going to the polls? The study finds they did not like the candidates or felt their vote was not important. That’s why the group has started the “We Must Do More Campaign.”

Theoharis said, “the more stands for mobilizing, organizing, registering and educating people for a movement that votes.”

Candidates for the U-S Senate race in Mississippi are Republican incumbent Cindy Hyde-Smith, Democrat Mike Espy and Libertarian Jimmy Edwards.

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