Breakdown: Why 2020 will be one of the hottest years on record

Why 2020 will be one the hottest on record

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - It seems like we have seen everything and broken so many records this year. Add to the long list of 2020 records as one of the hottest years. 2020 is on track to rank in the top 5 the years on record in the US. Some meteorologist say it may even break the all-time record set in 2016. Research meteorologist point out that it’s been so hot without the major El Niño influence that boosted global temperatures four years ago. Some scientist say that this may be an indication of long-term warming trend, that may have been driven by human activities that emit greenhouse gases.

NOAA last 5 years rank as top 5 hottest
NOAA last 5 years rank as top 5 hottest (Source: NOAA)

The first seven months of 2020 alone has ranked second-warmest year on the books, with 0.07 degree Fahrenheit behind 2016 at this same time-frame, according the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This ranking now ensures will rank among the top-five year.

One of 2020′s most noted unusual warm spot is Siberia, where the region has been really hot since the beginning of the year. This helped to contribute to this January 2020, being the worlds warmest on record. Recently the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk reported 100.4 degrees F. which is the first time recorded that temperatures were above 100 degrees F in the Arctic Circle.

There have also been other contributing factors like, above-average temperatures in Asia, South America and Europe. Theses areas all had a record-warmth for the first half of the year. Many atmospheric scientist contribute some of this unusual warmth to climate change.

If 2020 takes the top spot, it will not be unexpected according to scientist and will be another indicator of how far the earth’s climate has changed from its natural state.

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