Thieves break in the cars of Memphis firefighters at various fire stations

Car burglaries at fire stations

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Joe Norman, vice president of the Memphis Firefighters Association, is outraged over firefighters’ vehicles being broken into early Monday morning around 6 a.m. at four different fire stations.

There were a total of 24 vehicles with their windows broken. Norman says this is happening more frequently and is more organized in the past.

“You can’t put words on it. Public servants putting their life out there on the line. It’s pitiful,” Norman said.

At fire station 17 at Summer and National, police say more than 10 firefighter vehicles had their windows broken out. The crooks got away with 87 dollars and a handgun.

They were caught on surveillance cameras. The cameras showed five men getting out of a 4-door silver car.

Norman says right now all fire stations are having security cameras installed.

According to police reports, the burglars smashed the windows of other firefighter vehicles but didn’t get much in the other break-ins.

“The word spread and became careful and not leaving anything of value in their vehicles.”

Relatives of firefighters who did not want to be publicly identified contacted WMCAction News 5 saying the break-ins are disheartening and disturbing, and something needs to be done.

Norman says only one thing seems to have worked.

”The easy answer is to put up fences around every fire station,” he said.

All four fire stations with break-ins did not have fences.

Firefighters have to park out in the open in unprotected areas.  The fire station at Mississippi and Georgia does have a fenced-in area with barbed wire along the top. There are also brick barriers blocking windows that were shot at possibly from stray bullets Norman says.

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