Balloon launch held in honor of former White Station football player who was killed one year ago

Balloon launch held in honor of former White Station football player who was killed one year ago

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - It’s been one year since a White Station High School grad was lured into a deadly robbery in Frayser.

Wednesday, the man’s family and former teammates gathered to make sure his memory is not forgotten.

John Luibel had trouble holding back his tears, wearing his son Jack’s White Station High practice football Jersey, at a balloon launch organized by his son’s former teammates.

A remembrance one year after the 18-year-old was shot during a robbery near a church in Frayser.

Man shot/killed on church property

Jack Luibel was a teenager who had a lot of friends.

“He was just the all-around perfect guy. He put himself before others and no matter what, you needed a ride, if you live on the other side of town,” said Gabe Amerson, former teammate.

Former classmate Hailey Jones put together the announcement about the balloon launch.

“To remember all the good, all the laughs, the hugs, the talks. He was a great person who would always see you through anything you were going through,” said Hailey Jones, former classmate.

Police say Jack Luibel was lured to his death through the Text Now app. His cousin said he kept getting texts the day he died from what he thought was a girl who wanted to go out with him.

Two 18-year-olds, Talas Bonds and Erin Tillman, are charged in Luibel’s murder.

Police traced messaging app to suspects in murder of White Station graduate

John Luibel says it has been a horrible year. Jack’s mother and grandmother both died.

“This been the worst year of my life. I’m 56 years old. The worst year of my life,” said John Luibel, father.

Jack’s sister, Skylar, says she has suffered from PTSD and yet she had this to say about the suspects.

“I forgive them. I’ve gone to grief counseling.”

And she thinks about the suspect’s families.

“You’re not only hurting the family of the victim, you’re hurting your own family,” said Skylar Luibel, sister.

Friends and family launched green balloons into the air to remember someone who left an indelible impression on them.

The two suspects are awaiting trial behind bars. It could be more than a year before that happens due to COVID-19.

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