Students growing concerned about increasing violence in the University of Memphis area

Students growing concerned about increasing violence in the University of Memphis area

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Students who live in the Spottswood area in view of the University of Memphis say they are becoming more concerned over the violent crime that seems to be happening more often. The latest incident occurred on Sunday.

It happened in the shadow of the main campus at UofM. A woman who wanted to remain anonymous due to fear said she saw a crime escalate and end up on her front porch Sunday.

"Very nervous. We’re two girls, college girls. Young girls. There’s nobody else that lives with us. We’re scared to walk from our car to our house., " the woman said.


A Memphis police report indicates at 6 p.m., as the victim of the incident got to her door, a man approached her, forced her inside, and they started fighting. She got away and ran to the neighbor’s house.

“She kept saying help me. He’s gonna shoot me. He’s going to kill me,” the unnamed woman said.

Her roommate described over the phone that the victim was on their front porch covered in blood.

The university sent out an alert about the incident. The woman says she and her roommate may try to break their lease after being in their house for just over a month.

“The first week we moved in, there was a shooting right behind us. I heard that in the middle of the afternoon the other night was the shooting out here, They had the street blocked off,” she said.

Memphis police were in that same area Tuesday afternoon, but it is not clear why. WMC Actions News 5 didn’t see any arrests.

However, two weeks ago also on a Sunday in the same area of Spottswood, a University of Memphis football player was shot in the leg, and another man was shot in the back.

“We just started hearing gunshots go off. We all kind of looked at each other and freaked out and ran into the back of the house,” student Chas Mulroy said.

Mulroy says he was studying when it happened and that he heard 20 to 25 shots. A Memphis police report says 10 people were in the street fighting when the shooting happened. One woman said a bullet went through her second-floor window but no one was injured.

I’m told campus police also patrol the area. We did see a campus police officer driving around.

People who live in the area are glad because crime seems to have escalated in the past couple of months.

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