More THP troopers patrolling Memphis interstates per MPD’s request

More THP troopers patrolling Memphis interstates per MPD’s request

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Drivers have found themselves checking their speed as several Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers are in Memphis patrolling roadways. This comes more than a week after the Memphis City Council requested the state’s help on the interstates to put more Memphis Police officers back in neighborhoods.

Both The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security and Tennessee Highway Patrol said troopers were called on by Memphis Police to help with interstate patrols.

“It’s weird! It is what it is,” Memphis driver Henry Hagler said.

Thousands of drivers are catching themselves tapping the breaks or looking at the speedometer after noticing trooper after trooper on Memphis roadways. Most have been spotted along I-240.

“Over the last week I’ve seen four to six,” Memphis driver Wyndel Giles said. “Once there were three in a row. Then last week there were three in a row again.”

THP often rolls out its Operation Grizzly in the area. Most recently earlier this summer to curb traffic fatalities. Other times have been in response to shootings on Memphis interstates and highways.

THP said its current presence is because Memphis Police asked for it. Earlier this month the Memphis City Council passed a resolution to request Governor Bill Lee send troopers to the area to allow Memphis Police officers to fight crime in local neighborhoods. The Council was told by MPD Director Michael Rallings the state did not have the resources to do that.

Councilwoman Patrice Robinson said she has not been told this current presence is in response to the Council’s request.

“They’re here for a reason, who knows,” Hagler said. “But if you’re obeying the law you don’t have to worry about it.”

While Councilwoman Robinson has not heard if this is in response to the Council’s request for assistance, she said the increase in state troopers in Memphis is a welcomed sight for her.

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