Police investigating car break-ins near the University of Memphis

Police investigating car break-ins near the University of Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - People living around the University of Memphis woke up to a rude surprise Thursday morning.

Thieves broke into multiple cars overnight, leaving piles of shattered glass in the parking lot.

“Recently it’s been multiple car break-ins. It hasn’t just been at the Nine. It’s been other properties,” said Raegan Jones, student employee.

Student Raegan Jones works at The Nine, an apartment complex where mostly students live. It’s located on Mynders Avenue, across from several fraternity houses and the campus.

Around the gated parking lot, windows are broken out of cars and glass is by different parking spots.

One student, who lives at The Nine, did not want to be identified. She said it happened around 4 a.m. -- a dozen cars, including hers.

“I came outside. I looked around and saw a bunch of other cars.”

She had to spend $200 to get her window fixed. She says the criminals got her ID, credit card and $500 Balenciaga tennis shoes. She pays $75 a month to park in the gated parking lot and wants to move.

“I don’t feel safe.”

One problem is the gate doesn’t work. Raegan Jones says lightning hit it recently but it should be repaired Friday.

Sami Gildah, who owns a restaurant in The Nine, says he was unloading items from his car recently.

“Not even a few seconds some kids jumped in and took off,” said Gildah.

He says they drove his car around the city, damaging it.

Over at Highland Row, a woman was putting plastic on her vehicle after a window was knocked out. Several cars were broken into there as well.

It is a recent spate of crime near the university -- a football player was shot and a woman was attacked at her house.

“Kind of sad because you would think this is student housing and you should feel safe and just go to school and have a good college experience.”

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