Tiger return to ‘Turnover Belt’

Tiger return to ‘Turnover Belt’
Memphis Tigers in Texas (Source: WMC)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Former Ole Miss Defensive Coordinator Mike MacIntyer is now doing the same job at Memphis. He brings with him a tradition the Tigers had gotten away from last season. It’s the return of the “Turnover Belt.”

The Tigers used the extra incentive to earn takeaways from the other team under Former DC Chris Ball, who even came up with a Turnover Robe to heighten the players drive to relieve opponents of the football. 

Adam Fuller, who left the Tigers with Mike Norvell for Florida State, opted not to use the gimmick, but Coach Mac says he has good reason to bring it back.

“I was a Big Jerry Lawler fan,” said MacIntyre. “Memphis wrestling was really big and I wanted to do something the kids would like; they probably don’t even remember Lawler, but we trotted it out. And in meetings before practice, the players would say, ‘Give me a Ric Flair 1-2 Woo!’ So I said ‘Hey, let’s bring in back’ and the players have really enjoyed it.” 

It’s worked well on the field, so far. The U of M with three Takeaways against A-State, two interceptions and a fumble recovery. The Tigers open AAC play next Friday, September 18 against Houston at the Liberty Bowl.

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