MLGW moratorium on disconnections set to expire Monday

MLGW set to resume disconnections Monday

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Time is running out for thousands of MLGW customers behind on their utility bills.

MLGW President J.T. Young announced the moratorium during a Memphis City Council meeting Sept. 1.

A previous moratorium that lasted nearly six months led to long lines outside MLGW payment centers in August.

MLGW says about half of the 30,000 customers who were eligible to have their utilities disconnected then were able to pay or work out a payment extension.

Jim West, MLGW’s Chief Customer Officer, says 9,000 customers have taken advantage of the extended payment plan, which involves customers making a down payment on their bill.

Customers affected by COVID-19 must pay 15 percent toward their bill. Those who are not affected by COVID-19 must pay 25 percent. They then have 12 months to pay off their bill.

“We’ve done a great deal to try to be of assistance to our customers. We try to be a compassionate company,” said Gale Jones Carson, vice president of Community and External Affairs for MLGW.

The City of Memphis has also provided $2.5 million for utility assistance to MIFA for its Plus-1 program.

Help is also available through the Shelby County Community Services Agency.

Both MIFA and CSA say they’ve received a lot of applications.

They encourage those still in need of help to apply.

For more information on MLGW utility assistance programs, visit

You can also contact CSA by visiting

CSA applications can also be dropped off at 3772 S. Hickory Ridge Mall, Suite 515.

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