Mid-South barbecue champion to feature on Netflix cooking competition show as judge

Memphis BBQ legend Melissa Cookston joins Netflix show

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Memphis is known for its barbecue and one of the biggest grill masters in the game is taking her Mid-South tastes to Netflix.

Melissa Cookston, the winningest woman in barbecue and the owner of Memphis Barbecue Company in Horn Lake, will be representing the Mid-South as a judge on The American Barbecue Showdown on Netflix.

Cookston says the show is a lot of fun and provides plenty of twists and turns.

“I will always represent Memphis style barbecue anywhere that I go,” Cookston said.

Cookston is representing Memphis barbecue on a national stage as a judge for the new 8 episode Netflix cooking competition the American Barbecue Showdown, with all the meats to make your mouth water.

“There are a lot of different cooking techniques that you’ll see in this show on a lot of different apparatus,” Cookston said. “I think it will be fun. I think there’ll be a lot of learning ever for those of us who are professionals.”

Cookston, a 7 time BBQ world champion, says the challenges the show throws at competitors are unlike any others.

“We gave them challenges in the middle of challenges to cook,” Cookston said. “So we made them quit cooking and cook something totally different, I mean it was really difficult. We have them make things that you might think of as maybe roadkill to cook.”

“I get a fresh cut up possum over here, didn’t even have to get it off the side of the road,” one contestant on the show says in the trailer for the show.

Cookston says the show is relatable to anyone who loves cooking or barbecue, and the food was so good it made her job as a judge very difficult.

“I was really pulling for every contestant,” Cookston said. “So it was really sad when each contestant had to go home because we all kind of became a family.”

You can check out Cookston on the American Barbecue Showdown starting this Friday on Netflix.

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