Suspect responsible for attacking a woman near UofM arrested

Suspect responsible for attacking a woman near UofM arrested

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The suspect wanted for assaulting a woman on Spottswood Avenue last week was arrested and charged Tuesday morning. And now the two women who feared he might come after them are relieved an arrest has been made.

Nursing student Ellen Authement is thankful that 28-year-old Pshawn Oliver is behind bars.

“I cannot be more thankful. I mean we were nervous, we were scared,” Authement said.

Oliver is the suspect in the assault and attempted rape of her neighbor a week-and-a-half ago on Spottswood in the shadow of the main University of Memphis campus.

Police say Oliver approached the victim as she was entering her apartment. She fought back getting her teeth knocked out and jaw injured. She got away and ran to the rental home Authement and her roommate live in.

Authement did not want to be identified when she was originally interviewed because the suspect was still on the run.

She says her roommate was petrified before the arrest.

“She was beyond nervous he was going to come back for her because he saw the girl run over here," Authement said.

Police identified the suspect as Oliver, with long dreads captured on surveillance video. He had close-cropped hair when he was arrested Tuesday morning.

Oliver is a registered sex offender who was released after finishing a 13-year sentence in Oct. last year for aggravated rape. He is on lifetime supervision as a violent sex offender.

He was convicted of rape when he was 15 years old along with 17-year-old Michael Love.

The assault happened at an apartment complex on Winchester near Perkins in 2008.

Police documents show a 26-year-old woman was assaulted by the teenagers while she held her 14-month-old child. Her 5-year-old son was asleep in a bedroom.

The teens were neighbors of the victim.

“It makes it much worse knowing he had prior conversation convictions,” Authement said.

A bond has not yet been set for Oliver.

Authement and her roommate are hoping to break their lease after only about a month because they say they don’t want to wait for anything else to happen. She also says the victim did leave her apartment.

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