Shooting at Kroger gas station allegedly an attempted carjacking

Shooting at Kroger gas station allegedly an attempted carjacking

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A shooting in the middle of the day just before 2 in the afternoon at a Kroger Fuel Center at Poplar and Kirby left shoppers in shock. Police say what appears to be an attempted carjacking ended with one suspect dead and another injured.

“We heard several gunshots. We were wondering what would gunshots be in this area at this time of day,” a woman who did not want to be named said.

She said she saw a man lying on the ground next to a Mercedes G wagon at a pump.

“We saw a young a young African American man in the ground covered in blood and he didn’t seem to be moving,” she said.

The woman said she was told by witnesses it was an attempted carjacking.

Police say 3 or 4 males tried to take the vehicle. The owner of the car approached the suspects who were armed. The owner of the car got his gun and fired hitting two suspects.

One of them died at the hospital, the other is in non-critical condition.

“It’s just a scary world,” another shopper said.

Police spent hours at this crime scene focusing on the Mercedes at the pump.

The area is very busy especially in the middle of the day with shoppers at Kroger, customers at McDonald’s, and the many other shops in this area.

The police and yellow crime scene tape was a shock for shoppers.

“It was a little unnerving. My wife wasn’t sure she wanted to come in here,” Kroger shopper Tom Johnson said.

Johnson and other shoppers say it doesn’t appear to be safe anywhere.

“The world’s kind of turned upside down. It’s happening everywhere,” Johnson said.

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