What Mid-South voters should know before voting

Voter registration deadlines approaching

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Dates and deadlines are getting closer with election day just over a month away. Here’s a breakdown of what Mid-South voters need to know before heading to the polls.


While Tennessee gives citizens the option to register online with a state-issued ID, Mississippi and Arkansas do not.

In those Arkansas and Mississippi citizens can register by printing, filling out, and mailing in a voter registration form to their election office. Or, they can also register to vote in person.

The deadline to register to vote in all three states is Oct. 5.

Absentee Voting

When it comes to absentee voting this year, Arkansans will be allowed to vote absentee due to health concerns regarding the coronavirus.

In Tennessee, voters with underlying conditions or citizens who are caretakers of people who are vulnerable to COVID-19 can vote absentee. The deadline to request a ballot in Arkansas and Tennessee is Oct. 27.

In Mississippi, citizens must qualify to vote absentee with reasons such as: being over 65, being disabled, or being out of the county on election day. The absentee voter deadline is Oct. 31.

Early Voting

There is no early voting in Mississippi, but in-person early voting starts Oct. 14 in Tennessee and Oct. 19 in Arkansas.

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