Man dead after fight with MLGW worker

Man dead after fight with MLGW worker

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A man has died after getting into a fight with an MLGW worker.

“A lot of commotion. Ambulances, police. They was just, they was everywhere. They was parked all the way to my drive,” said Rikko Dole, neighbor.

Rikko Doyle came outside to see his dark neighborhood lit up with blue lights. Police lined Michael Road in Whitehaven where he lives. A crime scene that kept getting larger with more crime scene tape added a couple of hours after police showed up.

Doyle knew the power had gone out around 2 p.m. when his computer died. He and many other neighbors we talked with did not know why police and ambulances were here. Investigators say an MLGW employee parked his work truck in front of a house while he was restoring power to the neighborhood. The worker told police when he went to his truck, he saw a man in it who hit him in the face.

“That wasn’t right. That wasn’t right. They been doing all kind of stuff around here,” said Eddie Holland, neighbor.

Police say the MLGW worker and the suspect got into a struggle, fighting each other. Police received the call as a robbery. When officers arrived, they detained the suspect and called an ambulance because of his injuries. The man later died at the hospital. The MLGW worker was treated and released at the hospital. He was also detained but later released without charges.

In a statement, the utility said it coordinates with security and Memphis police anytime circumstances warrant security measures.

But apparently there was nothing to indicate a need for that since it was light outside at 6:30 in the evening in a neighborhood filled with families.

“You know it’s crazy up here. I’m not from Memphis. And it’s crazy up here," said Doyle.

Police still have not identified the suspect, and it is not clear what caused the man’s death.

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