Mid-South Pride Fest goes virtual due to coronavirus concerns

Mid-South Pride Fest goes virtual due to coronavirus concerns

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - For years, Mid-South Pride Fest has been a staple for the LGBT community, bringing thousands of people together every September. This year the weekend of events will be online.

President of Mid-South Pride Vanessa Rodley says instead of the customary pride parade, they will broadcast a Pride caravan that was taped Sunday.

“We made our decision in June to go virtual,” said Rodley.

But that does not mean there’s an end to the celebration.

“Pride is a feeling, you can’t cancel a feeling,” Rodley explained.

Mid-South Pride Fest has events planned all weekend that people can watch through the non-profit’s YouTube and Facebook.

Saturday, The Live and In Color Virtual Festival will launch. People will be able to stream with 12 hours of entertainment programming including bands and drag shows.

Even though everything is virtual, participants can still chat online during the live feed.

“You can shout out to your friend. It’s an opportunity for us to still engage,” Rodley said.

Rodley hopes that the spirit of pride is still felt this year even with a new format.

“If a thousand people watch I’m happy, if five people watch I’m happy. I just want to be able to send pride out there and it be received and for people to be able to get that feeling that they need.”

For times and dates of Mid-South Pride Fest events, click here.

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