Collierville citizens address removing Confederate marker and racial inequity

Collierville citizens address removing Confederate marker and racial inequity
(Source: WMC)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Collierville residents and others living in Shelby County held a press conference Monday at 4:45 p.m. before the Collierville Board of Mayor and Alderman. A petition will be presented to show that citizens have put forth an effort to get the Confederate marker moved.

Residents will also introduce Collierville Community Justice— a new, local organization that was established to seek justice in Collierville, emphasizing racial justice.

Following weeks of protesting at the Town Square and numerous presentations to the Board of Mayor and Alderman, these citizens prepared a list of demands for Collierville officials.

The demands are as follows:

  • Mayor Joyner, Vice Mayor Maureen Fraser, Aldermen John Stamps, Taylor Stamps, Billy Patton, or John Worley should propose an agenda item to the next Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting to discuss removal or relocation of the Confederate marker in the town square
  • Invite a team of local experts and volunteers to move forward with applying for a waiver from the TN Historical Commission that would allow the removal or relocation of the marker
  • Charge this same committee to work with town officials and others to design and create an unbiased contextual sign that will clarify the problematic history of the marker that can be placed next to the Confederate marker wherever it may eventually be located
  • Publish and distribute a statement from that both provide context about and denounces the racist history and nature of the marker
  • Develop a plan to address racial inequities in Collierville and make progress on the recommendations made following the focus groups and anti-racism consultant work the town paid for back in 2018

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