Girls on the Run launches fall season

Girls on the Run launches fall season

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Girls on the Run is an after-school program for girls in third through eight grade. The program, which focuses on their social and emotional development skills, has had to go virtual because of the ongoing pandemic.

“We have 8 weeks of fully researched lessons that touch upon all sorts of things like understanding your uniqueness, building empathy,” Joanna Lipman, Executive Director of the Memphis Council, said.

The program also encourages physical exercise through team-building activities.

“We talk about how the brain, the body, and the mind are all connected, and as you strengthen one of those the others become stronger along the way,” Lipman explained.

Typically, the program is held at different locations throughout Memphis, some of them at schools.

Now, the girls will be put in groups and learn their lessons online with a coach. Physical exercise is still a part of the program.

“When the girls get on their Zoom or Microsoft Teams, they start out with some kind of warm-up exercise. They may only have a tiny space next to their phone or their computer, but they are going to do some high knees or some jumping, or something that gets their blood pumping - maybe change their mood,” Lipman said.

Lipman added that the program may be needed now more than ever, and this year’s fee is pay what you can.

“We’re really eager to try and serve any girl that wants to join the program,” Lipman said.

Girls on the Run is currently launching its fall season beginning Monday, Sept. 28. For those interested in signing up, visit

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