CHOICES opens new facility in Medical District

CHOICES opens new facility in Medical District

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - CHOICES Memphis Center for Reproductive Health has moved to a new location and facility.

The $6 million facility is on Poplar Avenue in the Medical District.

“This clinic is the culmination of our vision for a comprehensive reproductive health care practice,” said Rebecca Terrell, Executive Director of CHOICES.

The new facility boasts more space, with more exam rooms, a large lobby, a test lab, and a birthing wing decked out with a meal area, birthing tubs, personal bathrooms, and an outdoor space. The wing has allows the center to expand its midwifery program.

“We are determined that the Midwifery model to anyone who needs it regardless of their ability to pay,” said Terrell.

“One of the great things about our program is that we’ve had really great outcomes since we started in 2017,” said Nikia Grayson, Director of Midwifery.

Grayson said the new center will centralize reproductive health care which includes assisting transgender individuals with their transition and gynecological exams.

“We do pre-natal care. We do out of hospital as well as in hospital births, as well as a really robust postpartum care piece,” explained Grayson.

CHOICES also hopes to offer more midwifery training.

Terrell said the addition of birthing services makes them a unique clinic.

“We’re the first non-profit reproduction clinic in the country to have both birth and abortion care in the same facility.”

With conservative supreme court nominee Amy Coney Barrett in line to fill the seat of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, pro-choice advocates wonder what the future holds for reproductive rights.

Terrell is prepared for whatever may come.

“I’ve worked in this field now for 11 years, and I will tell you that the people who are dedicated to making sure that human beings get to control their bodies and their reproductive future will never stop,” she said.

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