UofM anticipating 3,000 students returning to campus next week

UofM anticipating 3,000 students returning to campus next week

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The University of Memphis is entering the next phase of its plan to reopen campus. More students and staff will be welcomed back Monday, Oct. 5 with the reintroduction of more face-to-face classes.

Officials with the University of Memphis said that they anticipate about 3,000 students returning to campus.

The fall semester at the University of Memphis has been underway for over a month, with many students taking classes online.

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Morgan Lankford is one of them.

“All online, I’m not taking any chances this semester," he said.

When he learned thousands of students would be returning to campus he was concerned.

“Mixed reaction to say the least,” said Lankford. “These guidelines they have right now -- they’re working because there are so few students here. But when more come back, I feel like they are going to have to change the guidelines.”

He is not alone.

U of M student James Beasley is apprehensive too.

“I mean I think it’s a little exciting. But at the same time, everyone is not going to be as precautious as most people would be. That’s a little unnerving,” he said.

The university’s provost said in an email to WMC that about 375 class sections will be returning. The provost said professors who wanted to return first discussed it with their students. The provost stated all classes that requested to come back were approved because they, “still resulted in manageable numbers.”

Guidelines have not changed. Students are required to wear masks and stay socially distant on campus.

As of Sept. 30, there were 36 confirmed cases of COVID-19 among students on campus and none among staff.

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