Best Life: Ways to get involved with election protection

Best Life: Ways to get involved with election protection
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ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- COVID-19 has changed everybody’s way of life, affecting jobs, homes and livelihoods. But now COVID-19 is threatening the heart of American society—free and fair elections. So, what are some ways to get involved with protecting democracy despite the dangers of the pandemic? We have the details.

Nov. 3 is Election Day, but now we all have to deal with something that was not on the ballot -- COVID-19.

“I think the COVID-19 will have an impact on our elections,” said Desmond Meade, CEO of Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.

Best life: election protection

So, how can you get involved with and be excited about the election during the pandemic?

“Have conversations with your family and friends,” suggested Meade.

When going to the polls, bring your own mask, pen and gloves or hand sanitizer. Or opt-in for mail-in voting. State by state, everything is different: early voting, mail-in voting, deadlines and same-day registration.

To be safe, experts say mail in your ballot by Oct. 20. Websites like Election Protection offer ways to virtually volunteer by monitoring polling locations from your computer or spreading information like deadlines and polling locations on social media.

“Voting is actually having a say in how politics impacts our lives,” said Meade.

To check or update your registration status and find out about your polling location, got to To find ways to virtually volunteer and help more people vote this year, visit

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