Breakdown: Why you should look up this week

Why you should look in the sky this week

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) -This week is a great time to look up. The Draconid Meteor shower will be active and Mars will be visible.

Mars will be at its brightest through Oct. 17. On Oct. 6, the planet will be at its closest to Earth in 2020. Mars arrives at opposition to the sun on Oct. 13, and will be visible from dusk to dawn. The planet will appear red. After the 17th, Mars will gradually become dimmer.

The Draconids is a minor meteor shower producing only about 10 meteors per hour. It is produced by dust grains left behind by comet 21P Giacobini-Zinner, which was first discovered in 1900. The Draconids is an unusual shower in that the best viewing is in the early evening instead of early morning like most other showers. The shower runs annually from October 6-10 and peaks this year on the the night of the 7th. The second quarter moon will ensure dark skies in the early evening for what should be a good show. Best viewing will be in the early evening from a dark location far away from city lights. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Draco, but can appear anywhere in the sky.

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