Breaking down Memphis homicides by council district

WMC preview: City council discusses record-breaking homicides in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - With nearly three months to go before the year is over, Memphis has already set a record for the highest number of homicides to occur in one year.

It’s not a record anyone wanted to break, but Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings said last week, it is the harsh reality we live in.

Breaking down Memphis homicides by council district

“My heart and prayers go out to the families that have been victimized by homicide and violent crime,” Rallings said.

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Violence occurs in all parts of Memphis.

But some areas see more of it than others.

Using data from Memphis Data Hub, the city’s online data portal, WMC Action News 5 was able to break down homicides by city council district.

Here’s what we found:

Council District 6, located in south Memphis, includes some of the poorest zip codes.

The district has seen 49 homicides this year, which includes 42 murders, more than any other council district.

District 6
District 6 (Source: Memphis Data Hub)

In a council meeting on Tuesday, Councilman Edmund Ford, Sr. , who represents District 6, says the violence has certainly got his attention.

“You may not know about the problems. Whitehaven. Right around the corner from me, they’ve been shooting,” Ford told his fellow council members.

Fords says he’d like to see more police security cameras around his district.

“I can ride around the different districts and hey, I can see a lot of cameras, and I can ride around mine and they haven’t moved. I have an issue with that,” Ford said.

Next door to his district is District 4, which includes Bellevue and parts of Parkway Village.

It has seen 48 homicides this year, according to the data hub. This includes at least 45 murders.

District 4
District 4 (Source: Memphis Data Hub)

That’s followed by District 7, which includes Frayser and New Chelsea.

The data hub shows 43 homicides, including 37 murders, have occurred in District 7.

District 7
District 7 (Source: Memphis Data Hub)

Homicide is defined as simply as when one person kills another.

Not every homicide is considered a murder in the eyes of the law.

Some homicides are deemed lawful or justified, like if someone kills another person in self-defense.

Murder is a type of homicide that occurs when one person unlawfully kills another person, which is not justified.

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