Council moves to provide fire station security cameras after car burglaries

Council moves to provide fire station security cameras after car burglaries

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - After several car burglaries at Memphis fire stations, the city council advanced a measure to provide more money for security cameras.

This is the second time in less than a month that the City Council is taking action to try to improve the security around fire stations throughout Memphis, after those car burglaries.

In August, several Memphis firefighters became victims after vandals broke into their cars.

It happened at several fire stations across town on different days.

Vandals broke into at least 24 cars.

Police say crooks got away with $87 and a handgun after breaking into ten cars at fire station 17 at Summer and National.

Two weeks before that, Police released grainy surveillance photos showing a silver-colored car leaving one of the scenes.

“You can’t put words on it. Public servants putting their life out there on the line for the citizens,” Joe Norman, vice-president of the Memphis Firefighters Association, said.

On Tuesday, Memphis Fire Department Director Gina Sweat told council members in the public safety committee, which considered additional funding for security cameras, that firefighters were frustrated by what’s happened

“It’s very frustrating when our folks are out on a call trying to save lives and property of the citizens and those very citizens are breaking into the vehicles,” Sweat said. “This is definitely something that’s needed along with some other security measures we’re working on.”

The council’s public safety committee approved $185,000 to pay for security cameras.

It comes three weeks after the full council approved another resolution to provide $200,000 dollars to pay for security cameras.

Sweat says the plan is to make sure parking lots at every station are covered.

“This should help us with the initial coverage to get the parking lots covered and once we see how far we can make this cover with the parking lots, make sure we have good coverage, we’ll do a review of the overall security program,” Sweat said.

WMC reached out to Memphis Police to see if they have made any arrests in connection to the car burglaries at fire stations but has not yet heard back.

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