Hurricane Delta heading toward the Louisiana coast

Hurricane Delta heading toward the Louisiana coast
Rain Totals (Source: WMC)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Hurricane Delta is a substantial hurricane with winds above 100 mph at the center. Delta will slowly turn north and northeast landing on the Louisiana coast on Friday. Delta will likely produce strong damaging wind and coastal flooding from storm surge, along with heavy rain and possible flash flooding.

Landfall (Source: WMC)

The remnants of Delta will continue to move north and east weakening as it continues to track inland. The storm is expected to pass right over the Mid-South Saturday. The current track takes it over north Mississippi from Clarksdale to Oxford to Selmer TN. Gusty wind from 30-40 mph is possible near the Low along with bands of heavy rain. There could be a brief spin-up tornado along and east of the track from Oxford to Corinth Saturday afternoon and evening.

Mid-South Track
Mid-South Track (Source: WMC)

Right now, rain chances look the highest for us Friday through Sunday morning. Heavy rain will be the main threat with 1-4 inches possible across the Mid-South. The heaviest rain will likely fall in north Mississippi.

Rain Totals
Rain Totals (Source: WMC)

Delta will be the 7th storm to impact the Gulf Coast and of those seven, two had impacts on coastal Louisiana which were Cristobal & Marco.

Delta is a Record-breaker!

Hurricane Delta is one of the fastest storms to go from Tropical Storm to Category 4 status in just 27 hours! The storm also went from Tropical Depression status to a Category 4 storm in 30 hours, which is the fastest on record, according to research.

There have been 26 named storms including Delta and of those, 9 have hit the US. Delta will likely be the 10th which would break the record for the most US mainland landfalls in a season. This record would break the 1916 record for most landfalls. What a season!

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